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For Immediate Release
March 5, 2015


National Distributors Sponsors High School Assembly

Linda Dutil presenting at Gorham High School assemblyOn February 13, National Distributors was proud to sponsor two presentations by Linda Dutil at Gorham High School. Dutil is a nationally recognized presenter who has reached more than 250,000 students across 44 states. Linda presents to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and the military about the consequences of drug use and underage drinking. 

During her presentation she shares age appropriate information and stories using a combination of seriousness and humor. The goal of her presentation is to empower the audience and provide intervention skills to help students make good choices and stay safe.

By sharing her experiences as an emergency room nurse, Linda helps students consider the consequences of poor choices and enables them to develop healthy attitudes about life. 

"The emergency room is the last place anyone wants to visit. I hope to make a lasting impression on young people across the country. I want to empower them with the skills that they need to make good choices to stay safe,” said Dutil.

For more information about Linda Dutil, visit her website at www.dose-of-reality.com.