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October 22, 2012

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Gaziano Lineman Scholarship Increases to $5,000,
Becomes Largest of its Kind in Country

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Jeff Kane, president of National Distributors and Frank Gaziano's son-in-law, announced today that the Officers and Board of Directors have increased the scholarship amount for the Frank J. Gaziano Memorial Offensive and Defensive Lineman Awards. The two winners will receive $5,000 each and the four runner-ups will receive $1,000. The increase in the amount doubles the scholarship from previous years, making it the largest high school scholarship of its kind in the country.

The awards and scholarships are given to the top high school football offensive and defensive linemen in the state based on their hard work on the field, in the classroom, and in their communities. Nominations for the awards will be accepted through Friday, December 7. For more information on the nomination process visit, www.gazianolinemanawards.org.
F. Gaziano football stance
The late Frank J. Gaziano, was an All-American and professional football player. He was also the founder of National Distributors Inc. in South Portland. 

"Raising the amount of the scholarship is a tribute to Frank and his legacy. During the first few years of the award, we have experienced a great deal of support that has allowed us to make this big step. Our committee strongly believes that raising the amount will inspire more students to not just focus on becoming great football players, but also emphasizes the importance of being great roles model in our communities. We are excited to start hearing from parents, coaches, and athletic directors across Maine that would like to nominate a high school senior for the award and scholarship," said Kane.

After the nominations have been received, the awards committee will select finalists from high schools across the state. The award and scholarship presentations to the Gaziano Award winners will be announced at a banquet brunch on Sunday, January 27, at 9:00 a.m. at the Augusta Civic Center.    

Each finalist will receive free tickets to attend the banquet. At the event, one offensive player and one defensive player will each be awarded a first place trophy and a scholarship of $5,000.    

To qualify for consideration, applicants must be a high school senior, have competed at the varsity level for a minimum of two years and have an exemplary record of positive athletic and non-athletic citizenship. The submission of a student essay and a game film featuring the applicant competing against his two toughest competitors are also part of the application process. Applicants from all levels of Maine's high school football three-class system are eligible for the scholarship and are nominated by their coaches. For more information on the banquet or the scholarship program visit www.gazianolinemanawards.org or contact the Frank J. Gaziano Lineman Awards Board of Directors at (207) 773-1719, ext 3303.  

Funding for the $5,000 scholarships is being provided by National Distributors Inc. in South Portland, the company founded by the late Frank J. Gaziano. The overall increase in scholarship dollars for the finalists and the runners-up is $7,000. The awards committee will also be securing sponsorships ranging from $50-$500 so players and families of the student athletes can attend the banquet free of charge. If you are interested in attending the event or contributing to the scholarship fund, contact Charlie Gagnon, event coordinator at gazianoawards@gmail.com.  

The selection committee for the Frank J. Gaziano Lineman Awards includes Charles Hews, Mark Bonnevie, Mike Haley, Tim Rice, Ed McAleney, Mike Marston, Dan O'Connell, Bob Sinclair, Peter DeSimon, Matt Perkins and Pete Cloutier.


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