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For Immediate Release
May 2, 2016
Greg Glynn, Account Executive
Nancy Marshall Communications
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National Distributors Inc. Announces Change of Leaders

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Jeffrey Kane, president of National Distributors, Inc. announced today that he will retire effective May 2, 2016. Tim Longstaff, the general manager of National Distributors, will succeed Kane as president effective immediately. Kane will continue as a shareholder of National Distributors. He will be an active advisor to the board of directors and remains invested in the continuing success of the business.

President of National Distributors, Inc. in South Portland.

Kane joined National Distributors in 1979. During the past 37 years as a leader of the company, Kane has seen the business develop into a large diversified beverage company.

"The beverage business has changed dramatically over the years and continues to change very quickly. There has been tremendous movement in what the consumers are looking for in their beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the retailer landscape has gotten more complex and our suppliers have grown more sophisticated," said Kane.

Longstaff has been a longtime team member of National Distributors. He joined the company in 1984 and during this time has been a highly motivated leader who has had a very positive impact on the sales department and the overall operation of the business.

"Tim Longstaff's career at National Distributors has been a great success story. He started as a route salesman and has risen through the ranks to become the general manager. Tim is well positioned to continue the growth and success of National Distributors as the new president," said Kane.

"I'm honored by this opportunity and I look forward to the challenge of serving as president of National Distributors. I'm very optimistic about the future of the company and look forward to building upon the growth and success we've enjoyed during Jeff Kane's tenure," said Longstaff.